10 Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained on Long Road-trips (and share your ideas)

This week, I am embarking on a multi-state road-trip by myself with two kids.

If you have never been impressed with me, now is your opportunity.

I am already nine hours into it and am currently in Utah where i attended Evo Conference last week. Over the next few days, I will drive to Sandpoint (one of Idaho’s hidden jewels) and we will ultimately spend the duration of our vacation in my hometown, Calgary (check-out our fun-filled itinerary).

While I have traveled extensively with my kids (ages 4 and 7), I have never tackled a vacation of this magnitude. For our extended road-trips, Jamie and I have tag-teamed but being the lone member of the entertainment committee is daunting, especially because I’ll be consumed with the task of not veering off the road and killing us.

If you’ve ever played referee to your kids in the backseat, you know what I’m talking about.

Here are a few activities I’ve CLICK TO READ ON AT MILEHIGHMAMAS.COM

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