21 Months Going on 21 Years

February is well underway. With our anniversary, Valentine’s Day and my birthday, I have decided it should instead be christened Amberary. I mean, it makes more sense. As a young lass, I could never understand its archaic spelling. Any logical person would spell it Febuary, the way it is pronounced.

Now that we’re both feeling better, I have been immensely enjoying Hadley these days. Sure, living with a toddler is like living with someone with bi-polar disorder. But juxtapose that against her nightmarish colicky first months and I’ll take her mood swings any day!

Lately, I have been marveling about how her little personality is shining through. She truly is an obsessively social being. Everything in her 21-month-old existence centers around people. We went to a party on Saturday night with loads of kids. Before we even finished walking through the door, she took off and we didn’t see her again until the evening was over. In fact, she looked surprised to see us when we came to get her, as if to say “Oh yeah, we DID come together, didn’t we?”

She is also talking a mile a minute these days…and sometimes even makes sense. I’ve been trying to teach her to count but we’ve run into a bit of a roadblock. Y’see, she refuses to say 1. She has no problems rattling off 2, 3, 4, etc. but no matter how we try to bribe her, it is the only word that she obstinately refuses to say. At first, I was perplexed. But then one night as she threw a fit about being left alone in her crib at bedtime, her cries distinctly started forming the words, “One is the loneliest number…”

I should have known it was a mistake to let our social butterfly listen to Jamie’s secret collection of Three Dog Night’s Greatest Hits.

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