A Return to Colorado: The Denver Edition

Following an exhilarating ride with Jet Boat Colorado, Jamie, Bode and I continued our drive to Denver. The timing could not have worked out more perfectly. Our dear friend Lisa’s daughter, Whitney, was leaving on a mission to New Zealand and all the festivities were that weekend. That night was her going away party in their large, luxurious backyard and it was a dream to reconnect with so many people we love. 

We stayed at our friends, the Carrolls, who generously gave us their master bedroom to accommodate Jamie’s myriad of sleeping/health issues and it’s always a non-stop party when you have a family of 8 + our family crammed into their darling house.

Sunday morning, I woke up early to walk along the Ralston Creek Trail, just breathing in the memories and glorious old trees that shaded my route. At church, Whitney gave a wonderful “farewell” talk, we reconnected with many more wonderful people, and then Lisa invited us all over to her house to eat the Cafe Rio leftovers from the party.

We dropped Bode off at his bestie Nicky’s house to play for several hours and when I picked them up, it made my heart just burst to see them together. 


Our mere 36 hours in Denver was a whirlwind crammed full of get togethers, a farewell, lots of visit (but not enough) and late-night chats. As we were eating lunch at Lisa’s, I commented that returning to Denver is tough without having our family with whom to stay and Eva objected (the same woman who gave up her bed for us). And she’s right.

This wonderful chapter of our lives will never be over because of friends who will always be family.

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