A sneak peak at when you peaked

I had a pretty interesting conversation with my Facebook peeps and I’m interested in your feedback.

In one of my illustrious status updates, I joked that I reached my peak in sixth grade. I was only kinda kidding. That was the year I took home the best all-around athlete and student award, beating out some very deserving students who went on to become doctors, lawyers and curlers.

This was, after all, Canada.

The years that followed were pretty anti-climactic. In junior high, I was always on the honor roll and won all kinds of sporting awards but my heavens, I went through that ugly/awkward phase.

I would show you pictures but I burned them all.

In high school, I was in the Calgary Herald’s Sports Hall of Fame for volleyball and kicked some serious soccer arse. But academically? Let’s just say I wasn’t really there.


Hence the reason I had to take math in summer school before college to make up for all those classes I skipped.

Socially, I was a late bloomer. I was an extra for a movie the summer before my senior year and dated a jerk I met. I had a serious boyfriend for several years during college and our successive missions (5 year total). But I never really blossomed until after I graduated from college and had dates. As in plural. As in that had never happened to me before.

And so I peaked intellectually in sixth grade and socially in my late-20s.

No wonder they call us dumb blonds.

So, I’m curious to hear your feedback. When did you peak intellectually, academically, athletically, etc.?

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