Back-to-school revelries: in pictures

It is official: we survived our whirlwind summer and believe me, we were ready for it to be over. Our lazy summer afternoons were starting to look like this:

I am happy to say both children are tucked away in their respective schools. Of course, this deserves celebration and we’ve been doing our fair share of it around here.

It started with back-to-school night.

Bode is the blind boy in the sunglasses.

Then, it was a special steak dinner the night prior to school with Grandma and Grandpa, followed by father’s blessings and a fashion show with the new school outfits.

Of course, the first day of kindergarten is not complete without oatmeal cookie pancakes for breakfast.

And a few rock-star snapshots.

This excited girl is with her darling new teacher. Miss P. is a far cry from the crotchety old bitty Hadley was supposed to have (who, lucky for us, prematurely retired).

I am sure there will be a record number of eager fathers who will volunteer in the classroom this year.

Today was Bode’s first day of preschool. He woke up early, snuggled in bed watching Transformers, and then decided he would just as soon stay there all day. This school stuff, he explained, is for the Hadleys of the world.

Special breakfast and treatment? He didn’t really care.

Take 2: I like to entitle “Don’t wwwwweave me!”

But once in the classroom, the kid came to life. The teachers said he was so fun and well behaved.

As Jamie and I drove out of the parking lot after dropping him off, I let out a sob and in the same breath, sang “Freedom!!”

Jamie: “You sure made a quick recovery, didn’t you?”

I’ll be in therapy for two hours a day for the next nine months. Jamie would like me to spend it cleaning but in doing so, I would end up looking like this:

So you can find me here:


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