Battling Out the Glory Days

Bode recently started soccer for the spring. He has been with the same group of boys for a few years so it’s always a joyous reunion when a new season rolls around. He is a solid player and usually scores every game because he’s really good at ball handling and dribbling.

What he is not good at? The Big Kick (as Jamie calls it). We found that out the hard way when his coach held him back as the Sweeper, whose primary job is to belt the ball upfield. Little dude would try to just dribble the ball past his attackers and it often backfired on him.

Thank goodness they’ll start to play on a bigger field with real positions soon. That kid has “forward” written all over him.

We recently went out for Chinese food and were trying to explain to Bode all the different positions in soccer with (what else?) sugar packets.

The problem with this is whenever we try to talk strategy, Jamie and I disagree on our old glory deals. Jamie boasts what a scoring machine he was and I always assert my soccer career was much more glorious than his (competitive, much?) with my near-foray onto Alberta’s provincial team before my busted ankle. Blah, blah, blah.

As we were battling it out in front of Bode, I told him, “I was center-mid. They called me “The Rover” because I was just so good I followed the ball wherever it went.”

Jamie interjected, “It is also called ‘being out of position.’”



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