Bears Today, Webelos Tomorrow

Bode continues to love Cub Scouts and why wouldn’t he? The boy has the best leader ever (ME!) and it’s been fun to see him thrive. This is the first time I’ve taught him in a formal setting and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it–he’s fun and silly when appropriate but also a tremendous leader and sets the tone when it’s time to buckle down and work. He made me super proud to be his mom.

We’ve had a great group of boys who were not without their challenges but overall it’s been a great time. And it will be even greater to be released when we move. :-) A few of our recent adventures:

Hiking Ralston Creek

Majestic View Nature Center

Last week at our Pack meeting,  Bode was presented with his Bear award. A parent needs to go up there in order to be “pinned.” I’ve done it the last two years when he earned his Wolf and Bobcat so I suggested Jamie take a turn.

“No way, that’s a mother thing.”

“It is not. It’s your turn to go up there. How about we rock-paper-scissors over it?”

Now, something you should know about this challenge is I win almost every time, likely due to my stealth psychotic psychic skills.

Jamie lost.

And yes, we are the worst parents ever.

Congratulations on earning your Bear, Bode!

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