Blogroll Updates and Creative Dating Ideas Needed!

I am enlisting your help. I was at a Young Women’s Camp meeting last week because I have been called as the Outpost leader. Outpost is a three-day backpacking trek in June where out-of-shape 15 and 16 year old girls whine incessantly about being dragged into the boonies. And I simply cannot wait to inject them with a dose of annoying perkiness at 6 a.m. after a sleepless night on the cold, hard ground.

Some of you All of you may ask – me? Leading a large group girls into the backcountry? If only their parents had a clue.

It was during the meeting that the woman next to me leaned over and ruined my life. Well, almost. She asked me if I would speak to a very large group of youth in a couple of weeks about creative dating ideas, especially for groups.

I looked at her dubiously. My one date in high school certainly does not make me qualified, nor does the fact that I never even dated Jamie here in Denver so I have no idea what kids do for fun these days. At least not the legal activities.

When I told her I didn’t think I would be adept at this assignment, she assured me, “Oh, you’re such a great speaker and will make it fun for the kids. Plus, you’re a reporter so will be able drum up some great information.”

A reporter? Yeah, for a freakin’ MOMMY BLOG.

SOOOOOOOOO, I am looking for your creative, cheap dating ideas. Did you do any fun group dates growing up? Do you have any sites or books you can suggest? HALPPPPPPP!

On another note, I will be updating my long-neglected blogroll in the next few weeks. So, if you are a regular and I have overlooked you, please include your URL and blog name in the comments. It’s nothing personal.

Most likely.

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