Bode’s home stretch

With only two weeks left of school, Bode and I are enjoying our final afternoons together. While his sister slaves away in first grade, he and I have been biking to the skate park or have gone on fun adventures to check-out fossils at Dinosaur Ridge.

Yep, those are real dinosaur tracks behind Bode. Both of my kids are dinosaur-obsessed and marvel at being able to live so close to the shores of the Cretaceous Interior Seaway.


Soccer season wrapped for the season on Saturday. Bode is a great little player and scored yet another goal. The highlight was when Uncle Chris made a surprise showing (he moved to Colorado from Utah this week).

OK, so maybe getting a trophy was pretty darn cool, too.


Of course as avid fans of the Amazing Race, we had a viewing party for the finale (I’m still waiting for CBS to STOP THE CANUCK DISCRIMINATION so I can participate). By far, our favorite moments were when Zev and Justin (two very hairy dudes) had to get waxed for one of the challenges.


OK, so maybe it was just Haddie’s (and my) favorite moment. She rewound it over and over again while cackling evilly. Poor Bode, on the other hand?

He despaired deeply for his fellow dudes.

One of the fun things about Twitter is it’s possible to connect with all kinds of people and the Amazing Race‘s Justin is on it (@justin_kanew). I tweeted that picture of poor Bode and was thrilled when Justin not only retweeted it but said how much he likes both Haddie (the evil cackler) and sympathetic Bode.

Justin doesn’t know it but he’s my “in” for getting on Amazing Race 19.

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