Breakfast of Champions

Many people associate Mormons with our health code i.e. no tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc. Those are the biggies (the addictive ones) and they’re pretty black-and-white.

While certainly devout, Jamie and I aren’t what I’d consider zealots. But there are a few grey areas when it comes to another contraband substance: “hot drinks.” These are generally interpreted to mean stimulants such as coffee and non-herbal teas. Since I don’t like any of ‘em, this has never been an issue for me. Until recently.

I was blissfully stuffing my face with my favorite new breakfast, Kashi’s Heart to Heart cereal, when Jamie queried,

“Are you sure you should be eating this?”
“Why not?”
“It has green tea listed on the ingredients.”
“I’m sure it’s baked out.”
“Tea does not bake out.”
“Sure it does. Besides, how’s that different from when we eat something that has the alcohol cooked out?”
“I repeat: it does not bake out and it is not the same thing. So, what’s next? Marijuana muffins?”
“Just so long as I don’t inhale.”

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