Breckenridge or Bust Part II

Jamie’s wonderful family is very different from my own. The Canuck Clan has always been active and outings revolved around camping or water-skiing in sub-zero temperatures. Because with two weeks of summer you just have to make concessions.

On the other hand, Jamie’s clan are homebodies and most gatherings revolve around food, relaxing and well, more food. What makes this perplexing is they are all tall, skinny metabolic wonders with bodies like the very stars and stripes upon which this country was built.

The Canucks? Think maple leaves.

When Jamie’s family arrived in Breckenridge on Saturday, we ate, relaxed and ate some more. Now, don’t get me wrong–I have absolutely nothing against relaxing. I think I even did it once back in 1986. But when we invited them to come play in the snow with us, our invitation was greeted with blank stares that implied my little half-breeds and I suffer from a permanent brain freeze. What? People actually choose to touch that stuff?

When it came to hot tubbing, the whole famn damily excelled (possibly because it involved relaxing?) It would have also involved hot chocolate if it were not for my dear hubby’s communication blunder. Call me crazy but when a man offers to “Go make everyone some hot chocolate,” wouldn’t you also assume he was going to make and deliver it? He somehow forgot to disclose he was going to take a shower and run a marathon in the interim. When we finally gave up, I had a new appreciation for the grape-to-prune evolution.

As payback, I later snuck a three-foot-long icicle into his bathwater. OK, maybe “snuck” is a bit of an overstatement. More like lugged the frigid beast and hoisted it into the tub, ignoring his protests. It was a small payback for the many ice cubes that have somehow found their way down my back over the years.

As much fun as I had [relaxing and eating] with the family, I most enjoyed my alone time with Jamie on Friday. The gourmet buffalo fillets he grilled for us:

And the Rockstar Energy drink. I joked that we were there to chill. Why on earth would we need an energy drink?

I found out later that night.

(Note: no relaxation involved. :-)

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