Christmas 2013: It’s a Wrap!

Christmas isn’t quite the same unless you have little kids. With Hadley and Bode, along with the twinnies, we had the perfect ensemble for memorable festivities.

In Canada, Christmas Eve is almost a bigger deal than Christmas with a huge spread of food (everyone’s favorite appetizers), and so many fun traditions including playing the bells, the left-right game, the always-hilarious gift exchange and my seamstress niece Emily sews everyone matching PJ bottoms. Jamie’s family doesn’t really have any traditions so are always gracious about adopting a few of mine.

Apparently someone was happy to get the popcorn in the gift exchange. We won’t mention the heartbreak when it was taken away.
On a positive note, I spared everyone my regular white elephant gift: a framed picture of Jamie and The Great Pumpkin.

And of course, the kids had to change into their Christmas Jammies before bedtime.
As you can clearly see, Bode is rocking out to the hilarious video #XmasJammies that has gone viral. The kid’s got moves.

Christmas was low-key, fun and topped off by a delicious prime rib. Bode was given the coveted role of Santa and distributed the gifts in a systematic fashion. There were lots of clothes, candy, stuffed animals, building toys, the 31-disc Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection and new carry-ons for Maui. Hadley isn’t much of a video game fan but got a Nintendo DSi XL with the game Animal Crossing, which she LOVES. Screw those Mario-types (sorry, B; though he does love his new Super Mario 3D World from Grandma). It’s sooo much more fun to start a new life as mayor of your own town and create the perfect place to live. I like it because she’s actually learning life lessons like acquiring building permits and budgeting money.

But don’t tell her that. It will stop being fun.

Sibling gratitude. I just had to document it because it rarely happens.

Jamie surprised me with a couple of gifts including a much-needed food processor but overall, we decided not to get each other anything besides stocking stuffers so we could save for our trip. Allegedly. A couple of packages arrived in the mail for him a couple of weeks ago and I inquired about them.

“Amber, you should know not to ask me such questions around this time of  year.”
“Oh really? Remember how we’re not buying each other gifts?”

Busted. He was buying new pumpkin lights and using Christmas as a cover.

Speaking of which, check-out the sign his mother left in the gift-wrapping room.

Some things never change.

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