Come and Play, Everything’s A-OK

Hadley is slowing starting to take interest in the children’s programs on TV. Since most of them drive me bonkers (with Tinky Twinky rumored to be gay, not to mention overstuffed, psychedelic Boobah that is crack cocaine for kids), I have not encouraged her to watch. Go figure.

Except for Sesame Street. Now that is a program I can get my hands around. I have visions of self-taught Hadley calling out numbers with the Count and singing the alphabet with Big Bird and Friends. Sure, Ernie and Burt may have more than a platonic relationship (what’s up with the community bubble bath scenes?) but Haddie doesn’t care. Just so long as she is at a fifth grade reading level by kindergarten…that’s all I have to ask.

As we were driving to the grocery store the other day, I told her that if she was a good girl, she would get a cookie from the bakery (I am not above bribery as a parent). As I said that, she took her little hands and started cramming them into her mouth whilst making an avaricious sound of devourment. I was a bit shocked so said it again: “Cookie,” followed by a repeat performance.

And then finally, I clued in. “Hadley, are you the Cookie Monster?” Delight followed my understanding as she continued to demolish her imaginary cookie.

Nice to see Public Programming is helping her get one-step closer to Child Prodigy Status.

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