Confirmation that I really am (or at least want to be) a big loser

I was just cruising through my latest blog entries and realized there has been a noticeable drop in my regularity lately. On posting, that is (lest you think I am discussing my bathroom habits again).

There are a number of reasons for this:

1) I have been working on some new projects at Mile High Mamas and have been slammed with Mother’s Day preps and giveaways.

2) It has been Spring Break and I have had to deal with a Hurricane on a full-time basis.

3) You seem to be posting less as well. Is it just me or do you write less when you have fewer comments? Just curious.

4) (And most importantly) My monitor is really dirty so I have been unable to vainly gaze back at myself as I type.

One of the new projects I have been working on is ME! Huhhhhhh? I enrolled a couple of weeks ago in a kick-butt outdoor adventure boot camp and am loving it. My original intention was to do just one post about it but soon became inspired by the whole experience. I have expressed frustrations here about how the rest of that Baby Weight is just not budging. Imagine my delight to discover I added muchos Fruitcake Weight over the holidays.

The crazy thing is I don’t even like fruitcake….

So, here’s the project (drum roll, please): I am going to lose weight through the boot camp’s Biggest Loser Club and write about my progress every week on Mile High Mamas. I have the newspaper’s backing and online and print reefers to publicize the whole thing.

Talk about accountability? Just a little!

So, I need your support, encouragement and advice. Come watch me or join on in. I need all the help I can get! Just don’t post all those delectably tempting recipes on your blogs.

Unless they involve lettuce.

For the start of the journey, tune into Mile High Mamas today!


I have survived my first two weeks of boot camp. No, this maple-leaf-pledging Canuck did not join the American troops but I have ventured out on a new kind of workout and weight-loss program. The kind I hope will not only kick butt but will reduce my protruding one.

Do you know those women whose pounds just seem to magically melt away after giving birth? I am not among them. Following my first pregnancy, I lost most of the weight but after baby No. 2, it is still clinging to me like a blood-sucking leech. Too bad they don’t do fat.

I have participated in a number of great mommy and me exercise classes, most of which I highly recommend. But this time, I needed something different; I needed to focus only on myself to get back on track.

Enter: Front Range Adventure Boot Camp for Women. The program originated out of Orange County, CA and is a part of the largest fitness boot camp in the world. Well, daunting Canadian marine corps notwithstanding.

I was thrilled to begin my four-week outdoor fitness program, nutritional counseling and motivational training. As I was leaving for my first day of class, my husband called out,

“Have fun!”
“This is boot camp, Jamie. I am not supposed to have fun.”
“Well, don’t cry, then.”
“That’s better.”

And it is so much better than any workout I have ever done. Instead of being submitted to the drudgery of the stairmaster or weight machines, the program takes everyday objects and uses them as tools. We have done everything from hill training to park-playing to racing up a half-pipe to playing dodge ball. And I am having the time of my life with this cohesive group of women who are already making extracurricular plans to go backpacking and scale 14ers this summer.

Rest assured, it ain’t all fun and games. The first class was the longest hour of my life and the next day, I unearthed muscles I never knew I had. How did I discover them? Simple: I could not move them.

Robyn Morrisette is our lean, buff, butt-kicking machine. She is motivating but not annoying. Tough but fair. But overall, she is an inspiration. She left her longtime career in the corporate world to become a Certified Life Coach and now whips people’s butts into shape on a full-time basis. I feel a kinship to her because I did the same thing.

Only mine is called motherhood.

Join Amber on her journey – and butt whipping – over the next few months. Starting next Friday, Amber will be documenting her successes and setbacks every single week in Boot Camp’s Biggest Loser Club. Amber can also be found blogging about it at Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck.

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