Contraband Popcorn and the Accusations That Bind Us

Happily, the family has turned the corner and they are on the road to recovery. Bode got the worst of it but was well enough to return to school on Friday. Hadley quite enjoyed her two days off and hunkered down with our big-screen TV in the basement where I walked in on her contraband popcorn-making operation.

Dude, I’m OK with popcorn but let’s not pop it and melt the butter on the carpet, K?

Then, the remote control went missing which, if you’re on your sickbed, is apparently as bad as being sick. Jamie blamed me (as he always does when it goes missing), I denied it (as I always do) and we found it later that night tucked in the duvet I’d hung over the railing to air out.

“I wasted 15 minutes of my life…and I only watched one channel!” Jamie accused.

First-world problems.

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