Happy Daylight Savings Day!

My calendar is my lifeline. As much as I’m online, I have never fully made the transition to a digital calendar (though I use a Google calendar for work) and keep detailed notes on the calendar hanging in the kitchen. If it’s not on that calendar, it doesn’t happen, and I don’t drop any balls when it comes to juggling our schedules.


Last night, I casually glanced at the calendar and saw that Daylight Savings Time began on Sunday. “Already?”  I mused but didn’t think anything of it. Before bedtime, I set the clocks back an hour and cozied up for my extra hour of sleep, which as an old person, doesn’t really happen anymore (ahhh, to be a teenager again).

We don’t have church until 11 a.m. so when I woke up at 7 a.m. (which was really 8 a.m.–good job!) Jamie and I languidly hung out in bed. We didn’t have to be anywhere for hours!

Until Jamie started checking our clocks. “There’s something not quite right,” he observed. “Some of our clocks say one thing and yet our cell phones and computers say another.”

I started checking my phone and sure enough, it was off by an hour. I checked the settings to ensure I had it set to switch automatically with the time change (it was) and so I was confused. “Check the atomic clock,” Jamie suggested and it was aligned with our cell phone. “I know my calendar said Daylight Savings begins today so I don’t get it.”

I walked back to recheck my calendar and noticed for the first time, a blasted little NZ.

Yep, it’s Daylight Savings Time begins in New Zealand today. What kind of ridiculous calendar documents that? Well, a Kiwi Calendar would but why on earth would I need to know that?

Jamie and the kids were annoyed. “Well, look on the bright side. At least it’s not in the Spring when we actually lose an hour.”

“Amber, when I woke up this morning, I took into account the time change and actually got an hour less of sleep.”

“Well, that’s not my fault.”

The good news: we made it to church on time (with no thanks to me).

When we arrived home, I checked that blasted calendar again. “Oh look, next Sunday, Daylight Savings Time begins, but in Australian this time. Should we celebrate again?”

Somehow, my family doesn’t appreciate my humor.

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