Disney Wonder Day 7: Farewells & Our Favorite Moment

Our final day at sea aboard the Disney Wonder was overcast and chilly but no one complained. After six days of fun in the sun, we were more than happy to leisurely hang out in our PJs in our stateroom.

Though my kids’ shell-shocked expressions in this photo may testify otherwise.

It was probably because I had told them their endless gourmet food supply was soon coming to an end.

When we finally emerged to civilization, we played board games in the Promenade Lounge, leisurely enjoying ocean views out of the large porthole windows.

That afternoon, we attended the matinee of Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic, a live musical show at the Walt Disney Theatre. We loved the story of Anne Marie, a little girl who couldn’t find it in her heart to believe, with special appearances from the Blue Fairy, Peter Pan and many of our favorite Disney characters. Thousands of bubbles were blown into the audience and whimsical snow swirled around us in the perfect sendoff.

Magical Moments

But my favorite moment of the entire trip happened almost by accident. Later that evening, Linda and I had dinner reservations at Palo’s (memorable details here) while the kids partied away at the Oceaneer Club. Around 6 p.m., we tried to grab Haddie and Bode some dinner at Beach Blanket Buffet but it was closed.

We wandered out to Pluto’s Dog House, a quick-service grill, adjacent to Mickey’s Pool and ordered the kids some hot dogs and fries. With most people either at dinner or the show, along with the chilly temperatures, the area was a ghost town.

“We want to go swimming!” Hadley announced.
“Now? Isn’t it too cold?”
“There’s nobody here. Pleeeeease can we do it?”

The girl is half-Canadian so cold weather ain’t exactly a diversion.

And because I’m full-blooded Canadian, I grabbed their swim suits.

Hadley and Bode had the time of their lives in that pool all their own. They laughed, played, splashed and jumped the waves of the rocking boat.

Our entire family vacation was fun but those final moments were sheer magic.

Or rather, Wonderful. Because you wouldn’t expect anything less aboard The Disney Wonder.


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