Extreme Makeover: Den Edition Results

Special thanks to Jeek for being such a good sport about his birthday “celebrations.” Well, kind of. Does his rebuttal, “As for revenge, I have a few things in mind…you better watch your back, Amber” sound rather bitter to you? Come to think of it, I thought I spotted a sniper atop my neighbor’s roof today. Hmmmm….

My illness last week passed without much incident except for a brutal cough. Last night, I was hacking so badly I raced to the toilet in fear I would lose my dinner. Sympathetic Haddie followed me. I was so touched by her sensitivity until she pushed me out of the way to see what I’d hacked up. She’s a sick, sick child. We’re off to the doc today (for me, not my warped little Hurricane!)

Finally, the results are in for Ralphie’s hot leathah walls in Extreme Makeover: Den Edition. We still need to load the books back on the shelf but you get the idea. And yes, that stupid bobble head in the upper right-hand corner was the first to be moved back in. And yes again, I did intentionally cut it out of the picture. When we first hung Jamie’s framed baseball cards, I made the comment, “They don’t really match the red wall!” He-who-is-obsessively-protective-about-his-collection retorted, “Of COURSE they do. They’re the Red Sox.” Baaaaad.

Any feedback on the before-and-after shots? (Or rather, the after-and-before shots due to the way the dumb system uploaded them!) Note: I am not responsible for the hurricane that hit the room prior to its makeover. Remember, it is 1 of 2 rooms of which Jamie is in charge. You don’t even wanna see his garage…..

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