The cute and not-so cute of Halloween

Lest you think my family is Halloween-obsessed, you’d be correct.  My mom always went all-out with our homemade costumes and I have such wonderful memories of friends, family and trick-or-treating marathons around our area.

Here’s a a glimpse at some of our extended clan’s festivities.

Jamie’s sister Tammy had a Wizard of Oz theme. If they kept with traditions, they setup a huge screen on their front lawn in Salt Lake City and showed classic black-and-white movies on Halloween night.

I was feeling weird that I have more Halloween decorations than Christmas until I saw my brother Pat and sister-in-law Jane’s storage:


Jane always throws a killer pumpkin-carving party with 50+ friends and family.

Not to be forgotten: my niece’s darling angelic and devilish kiddos:

And for my brother Jade? There are no words.

He responded to our mullet insults on Facebook: “If I would’ve had more time the full duct man costume would’ve been re-created this year!!”

Counting our blessings on that one. He’s newly single and ready for the taking, Ladies.

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