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There were so many things about last year that were a blur. I feel like we’re finally starting to come up for air and I’m hopeful life will start clicking in 2017. We recently had Bode’s parent-teacher meeting and it made me want to remember it all.  Where we’re thriving. Where we’re struggling. Because life is a compendium of it all.

Bode. We moved into our house late-September when the neighborhood posse started burrowing down for the winter. There’s allegedly a very active group of boys who run around together on their bikes and I’m hoping he will get thrown into the mix once the snow thaws. As we sat down with Bode’s teacher, she told us how he’s the smartest kid in class and she wishes every kid was just like him. Obedient. Helpful. Friendly. Surpassing goals they had set together. Many of the kids go to him to check their schoolwork before they go to the teacher, which he loves.

“But how is he socially?” I asked. I worry that he hasn’t found a bestie at school or church because usually, he easily makes connections. His teacher acknowledged that he’s doing a lot better than the beginning of the year and is well-liked by everyone. The sports of choice for the boys during recess are football and baseball, neither of which he plays. So he floats between groups. Sometimes he plays sports. Sometimes he does four square or plays on the playground. Sometimes he referees, thereby proving he is an old man in a 10-year-old’s body! He seems content but will get thrown into an entirely new mix next year when the sixth graders get bumped up to middle school.

Bode and I have had a blast during our bi-weekly Nordic ski lessons (OK, he’s in lessons, I just tag along for the free skiing) but it’s been a fun, bonding experience for us. He has started piano and in the spring, we’ll probably enroll him in the crummy rec soccer league again because we can’t afford competitive but it will at least give him another season to be the superstar.

Hadley. She continues to exceed our expectations. Don’t get me wrong: she’s a frustrating tween who speaks an entirely different language. But while other parents are agonizing over their teens’ newfound desire to be aloof and independent, it’s just par for the course because Hadley has always been that way. She wants her space; friends, schoolwork and crushes have consumed her existence. She still doesn’t have a phone but we set her up with Google Voice on her iPod and she texts her friend Allie constantly.

She’s got almost straight As (where the heck did THAT come from?) and declares math is one of her favorite subjects (ditto on the incredulity after years of tutors). She refused to do Nordic skiing with Bode, which made me sad because I actually think she would thrive on the local team here but at her request, she’s playing volleyball and has really come into her own. I haven’t wanted to pressure her (volleyball was my great love in high school) but something has finally clicked and she’s caught a glimpse at how good she is…and can be with the proper training. Her coach has pulled her aside to emphasize her potential and offered to work extra with her anytime. I’m currently looking into enrolling her in BYU’s volleyball camp this summer.

She spends hours getting ready in the mornings so the bathroom upstairs is a constant eyesore. Our next big project (after putting in the front and backyard) will be saving up for another bathroom…after the gazillion other expenses we have. When we were snowed in (interlodged) at Alta, she and I actually had some great bonding time with mother-daughter ping pong and pool tournaments and setup several challenges in the weight room. It was a reminder that yes, she’s hormonal and complicated but there’s still a really delightful kid in there who’s turning into a really great young woman.

Jamie. Worked all day in the basement in Colorado. Works all day in the basement in Utah. Obsessed with BYU sports. Not too many changes for our hard-working guy.

Me. Still swimming, swimming, swimming despite the fact that I hate getting my face wet. I’m super thankful to be in a great ward where I’m making great friends and adventure buddies.  I’m building out some cool projects and have been networking like crazy. I’m hoping things start coming together in a profitable (remember all the expenses?) and promising way.

Stay tuned!


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