Fat Kitty on the Lam

Fat Dude has a pretty easy-going life as an inside house cat. He sleeps. He eats. He snuggles. He sleeps some more. And if he’s lucky, we take him for supervised visits in the backyard (remember his first Great Escape?)

Basically, Fat Kitty is our prisoner.

The other night, he made a bid for freedom that failed oh-so miserably. Every night before bedtime, he dutifully waits for Hadley on her bed and falls asleep with her. He’ll usually make his way into our bedroom later and sleeps perched above my head.

He’s like a bit, fat, squishy pillow.

But when I woke up Wednesday morning, he was nowhere to be found. I wasn’t worried. Occasionally he likes to pull an all-nighter with Hadley or wander the house. Jamie opened up our bedroom window a crack and discovered it was raining HARD. It was a shock because we assumed Denver forgot how to rain (it has been that long).

And then I heard a very distinctive MEOW!

It wasn’t his normal morning “hey wassup” meow but rather of a ticked-off cat in distress. I started racing around the house to see what closet he accidentally got locked in this time (don’t judge; it happens). But I couldn’t find him anywhere.

Until I went downstairs and looked outside. There, sitting on the patio was a verrrrrrrry angry Fat Kitty who was locked outside. Remember when I mentioned it was raining? Welp,it rained cats and dogs (pun intended). All. Night. Long.

Every evening in the summer, Jamie opens up the windows and blasts our attic fan to cool down the house. What likely happened that night was he’d opened up the back door and Fat Kitty must have snuck out through the busted screen.

And yes, Jamie will continue to be nagged until it is fixed.

Then, when Jamie locked up the house an hour later he unknowingly locked the Fat One outside. Did I mention the rain storm?

Fat Kitty won’t let us forget about it. But he hasn’t shown any desire to go outside so don’t be watching for him on Prison Break anytime soon.

Especially when it’s raining.

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