Forget the tie: the kind of subscription that every man wants for Father’s Day

Jamie is obsessed with getting a HDTV. So obsessed that he is the first to run to the get the paper on Sunday (go Jamie, here boy!) to checkout the latest ads.

He recently reconfigured our budget so we could buy one.

“What do you think of this?” he queried, showing me an ad.

“It’s nice but expensive.”

“As part of the deal, Netflix has a special offer of $5 a month.”

“When do we ever have time to watch movies?”

“Oh, this will give us time.”

“How will getting a HDTV make more time for us? Besides, statistics show that people who have a TV in their bedroom have significantly less less sex than those who don’t.” (Gotta hit him where it hurts.)

“But not if we institute NAKED MOVIE NIGHT!”

Gee, why didn’t I think of that?


I somehow survived the big BBQ. Well, except for the lovely hiccups of realizing the huge thermoses I rented from McDonald’s didn’t have a little thing called a spout. Or when the other gal in charge forgot to bring minor things like utensils and napkins. Who needs manners anyway?

Despite the behind-the-scenes chaos, everything went well. We had food, fun, softball, volleyball and races. Oh, did we race. The true capture of the evening was this gem: competition-obsessed Jamie entering Bode in his first three-legged race. (Click picture for full effect.)

They won. :-)

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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