The 245th Annual Giant Pumpkin Party

I’ve lost track of how many pumpkin parties we’ve thrown in honor of the Great Pumpkin but it seems like a lot. Despite a lackluster growing season, Jamie managed to produce a respectable beast that weighed 747 pounds. It was almost half the size of Stanley from 2012:

But still impressive. And without Stanley’s sour expression.


In years past, we’ve admitted only pumpkin treats for the party but I staged a coup and opened up the menu so our 50 guests brought a delicious variety of fall dishes. Jamie complained until I made his favorite caramel apple squares…and then he shut right up.

Someday, our friends will tell stories of that crazy Johnson family that grew giant pumpkins and threw a party in their honor.

And we’ll tell stories of our friends who were crazy enough to come.


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