Gone. All of it gone, gone, gone, gone, gone

Do you ever have times when life is just not going your way? That would be my last 72 hours. I haven’t been able to access Mile High Mamas most of the day, only to find out that the denverpost.com’s producer accidentally deleted an entire month’s worth of posts and forum discussions. The last few days, I have spent hours writing these posts on an upcoming Expo, as well as linking to everyone who attended our inaugural Mama’s Night Out on Friday.

All of it, gone.

If that doesn’t tick me off enough, I also had several weeks of posts that were queued to be published. Gone. Hours and hours and hours of work sitting in my drafts. Gone.

Maybe my new theme song should be John Mayer’s Gone. Baby Gone, Gone, Gone, Gone, Gone.

On a positive note, Bode’s illness will hopefully soon be gone. He has had a lingering cold that augmented last weekend. Sunday night, he was inconsolable and I stayed up with him ALL NIGHT LONG as he sobbed “OUCHIE.” At about 3 a.m., we almost made our first trip to the ER but held off and went to the doctor in the morning.

The culprit? His EARDRUM RUPTURED. Here I am whining about a deleted database and the poor little guy thought his head was going to explode. With the help of antibiotics and painkillers, he is finally turning the corner. Thanks to my good friend Lisa who took Hadley for the day, Bode and I were finally able to get some sleep that afternoon.

The sad thing? I was more functional on no sleep than I am on seven hours of it. Go figure.

The happenings of the last few days remind me of when Haddie and I recently watched Enchanted. As I gazed over at her, I was touched by just how sweet and beautiful she looked.

I approached her and starting singing,

Me: “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.”

Hadley [pointing to the movie]: “The evil witch poisoned her. She. Will. Die.”

Believe me some days, I know the feeling.

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