Great Canadian Road Trip Leg 1: Denver to Utah

I’ll be jumping around over the next couple of weeks in an attempt to document our Great Canadian Road Trip. Leg 1 from Denver to Salt Lake City was via Wyoming’s desolate wastleland (sorry Wyomingites but there’s no other way to describe the painful drive along I-80).

Why would we endure that route, given the beautiful passage along I-70 through Vail and Glenwood Springs? Simple: Bode wanted to get a $0.50 ice cream cone from Little America in middle-of-nowhere Wyoming.

Yes, that’s correct, folks. I endured nine hours of mind-numbing boredom for that. Just call me Mother of the Year.

In Salt Lake City, we met up with Haddie (who had flown out the previous Friday) and I spent a memorable couple of days hanging out with Jamie’s family. We hit Liberty Park with my scrumptious twin nieces….
Where we played for hours at Seven Canyons (the park’s unique water feature), on the merry go-round, Ferris wheel and cooled down with guava snow cones.
I spent a quick 36 hours in Salt Lake City before leaving the kids with my mother-in-law Linda as I attended Evo Conference in Salt Lake City (more on that tomorrow).

Linda had purchased outfits for her four grandchildren and in decidedly ambitious move she, my brother-in-law Jeremy, his wife Tammy and the four kids set out to Wheeler Farm to attempt cousin pictures.

You will note I said attempt.

Jeremy is an ace photographer but not even he could tackle this assignment. Between Bode’s inability to smile and the roaming toddler twins, not even one picture of the four of them turned out.

That would be 0 out of 900.

I’d say better luck next time but judging from Tammy’s near nervous breakdown, it won’t be anytime soon.

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