“HAAAALP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Happy Spring! Or is it? In Colorado, we received a huge ol’ dump of snow and it’s still coming down. Haddie and I had storytime at the library yesterday and then decided to play outside. My little half-breed definitely has cold Canadiandumness coursing through her [frozen] blue veins; I’m usually the first to call it quits when it comes to inclement temps!

I helped bundle my little Hurricane in her pretty pink Dora snowsuit. Upon completion, the kid could barely stand up and looked like the abominable snowman…on steroids. But then she spotted something…something essential for any steroid-induced snowman: her “pretties.”

Now, to let you know just how high-maintenance Haddie truly is, she simply can’t live without her necklaces and play makeup. One look at her tomboy mother makes you wonder where she gets it from; perhaps Jamie is a closet cross-dresser? Hmmmm….

High-maintenance case in point: last week at storytime, the librarian was animatedly reading a book to the kids when Haddie made a huge show-stopping production. She jumped out of my lap, rushed up to the librarian, and motioned for her to lean over, which she did. Haddie then pointed to her gaudy, pink earrings and loudly squealed “Pretttttttttty!” (So the kid has no fashion sense yet).

Back to the impeccably-accessorized snowman. Before I knew it, she had dive-bombed towards her necklace in an attempt to complete her outfit. Only problem was, my normally-agile toddler couldn’t get up due to her many layers. She’d curl up like a little snail, and try to pull herself forward and up. Each time, she’d slip and do an illustrious belly flop, like a drunken inchworm.

I would’ve helped her if I could; if I wasn’t being an unsupportive mother by laying on the floor doubled over in laughter. By this time, she was half crying in protest, half laughing at her predicament. The satisfaction I gained over my little comedy show was almost payback for those sleepless nights. Almost. Of course, I’ll always be in the hole because should I survive the toddler years, there’s always the teen-aged ones. I guess the only true payback will be several years down the line when she has to change my diaper.

#1 [My, how The Great haven fallen] Abominable Snowman 2006 (with a death-grip on those pretties)
#2 Abominable Snowman 2005 (one of my favorite all-time pictures of her last year)

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