Happy 6th Birthday to My LIttle Man!

Dear Bode,

Five years old was YOUR year and you really came into your own. You started half-day kindergarten sweet, thoughtful and a bit shy as your worried you wouldn’t know anybody in your class and emerged nine months later with a posse of besties and half the school at your beck-and-call.

That, my popular little dude, is remarkable.

With kindergarten besties Nicky, Timmy and Curtis

And why shouldn’t everyone like you? You’re kind to everyone, fun, smart and cool. This was confirmed during a recent trip to the Children’s Museum when you and your BFF Sean were playing in the Woodland area and he was wearing a squirrel costume. I tried to lure you into the floppy bunny-eared one but you were too cool to have anything to do with it.

My blackmail days are growing to a sad, sad close.

In terms of activities, you’re great at lot of different things and have been playing on the same soccer team for a few years. You overcame your fears on the skate park and are now launching off the big bumps and are doing the same on the ski slopes. I was so proud when, after just one week, you went from faking a leg injury to being a “Superstar” at Park City Mountain Resort.

Mommy face-planted on that same run as I was trying to photograph you.

 I just asked you what things you like to do and you told me, “I like to play Wii, I like math, I like to color and I love to go on trips.”

You love your Wii so much you even had a Mario Party for your 6th birthday. You’re limited to playing it a few times a week but so great is your love for the Wii that I’m able to motivate you to do anything for it and you subsequently always have your homework and chores done and a clean room.

Pretty much if anyone asks me why you’re such a great kid and praises my mothering efforts, I’ll give props to Mario & Kirby.

At your 6th birthday party: A Mario Beach Bash!
Crowding around Mario Party
Water balloon bash

 It’s true, you’re a great little mathematician and constantly drill me with numbers. You’re even helping Hadley with her second-grade homework and yep, I still have high hopes for you to do our finances in a few years. In addition to math, you’re a fantastic little reader and were bumped up to attend Mrs. Dorough’s first grade reading class and are already tackling Hadley’s chapter books.

Reading to Fat Kitty. He prefers the Bad Kitty series–his alter-ego

OK, I’ll vouch for being good at coloring but drawing? Let’s just say you had top scores in all your subjects on your report cards except for art. Hopefully your artistic sister Hadley can help you out with this one.


You and Hadley have been traveling since you were in the womb so it’s pretty much in your blood. Some favorite trips you’ve been on this year include Utah to visit family and ski (you loved the mini snowmobiles), Disneyland to check-out the new Cards Land, YMCA of the Rockies, in Estes Park, camping Bear Creek, Colorado Springs (you adored feeding the giraffes at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo) and we’re currently in Canada.

Finding out you were going to Disneyland

When asked where you want to go when you’re 6, you said, “Disney World, Utah, Canada and then Disneyland again. And that’s all.”

You don’t ask for much, do you?

Adventure Boy climbing Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs
Adventure Camp
YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park
Soaked on the Grizzly River Run, Disneyland
Junior Naturalist at Lookout Mountain

Stomp rockets at Chatfield State Park

You are unfailingly responsible and try to set anyone straight who is not following the rules. During our most recent trip to Canada, you stormed into the kitchen, spewing “I AM SO UPSET. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON TO WASH THEIR HANDS?”

Turns out your 4-year-old cousin had left the water running after she she cleaned up. I’m sure she won’t dare do it again after the lecture you gave her.

 Though I’m excited for you to go into first grade, I’m literally mourning the end of an era when you get to spend a good part of your day with me. When asked what I should do when you’re finally in full-day school school next, you advised “Go hiking and biking!”

My mourning period should be over pretty quickly.

You’re a peacemaker, are always mauling us with hugs and kisses and are the big unifier in our family. Sometimes after you say your prayers, you call everyone into your room and shout “Group Hug” as we pile onto each other giggling and laughing. You complete this family in such a wonderful way and we’re so very thankful to have you a part of it.

Happy birthday!



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