Happy birthday to My Rick Savage!

Jamie turns really Old today. I can’t tell you just how old because he reminded me how old I’ll be turning and it’s super closer to his oldness. Old.

But I’m so happy to have this guy in my life.  I asked the kids and here are the Top 10 reasons we think he’s awesome:

10. “He wrestles and likes to torture us.” -Hadley. Mom editor’s note: someone usually ends up with a foot in the face and crying. But I guess that’s fun?

9.  He’s funny. He has a subtle humor but that man can deliver the funniest zingers.

8. He’s hard-working. He’s a great provider and spends so much of his time building his successful web development business. Note: Honey, you need to come play more.

7. We get each other. If you were to meet the two of us, you would think we’re alike at all. But we have a very similar take and perspective on life and parenting…and rarely do we have conflicts on our opinions. Note: pumpkins, driving directions and the History Channel notwithstanding.

6. He’s kind and likable. I mean, really likable. I guess because I sometimes dated guys who were misunderstood or didn’t always click with others that I appreciate this quality even more. When someone new meets Jamie, they always like him.

5. He’s faithful and takes his priesthood responsibilities seriously.

4. “Usually he treats me really respectfully. He’s a good listener and really fun. I like having boy’s nights out.” -Bode

3. He’s supportive. I’m always concocting some crazy scheme and he goes along with it or tells me just how crazy it is (and rightly so).

2.  ”I like when he lets me bite his eyelids to wake up.” -Fat Kitty

1.5 He’s not a whiner. He has been and continues to go through some tough times and rarely complains.

1. He’s mine.

Happy birthday, Jamie. So grateful to be #13YearsYours.

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