Happy Blahday to Me!

It is my birthday today. I do not say this to solicit birthday wishes. I already did that on Mile High Mamas when I required anyone entering today’s giveaway to include “Happy birthday Amber” in the subject line.

Because I am not above pandering.

And there is nothing like having my inbox full ‘o birthday love, even if coercion is involved.

Today will be pretty low-key. I will take Haddie to dance and then we are heading up to the mountains to indulge in our favorite fare at Country Road Cafe. I made this announcement yesterday amidst much protest. Admittedly, I have been resistant to making any plans and Jamie had a follow-up appointment with his former oncologist this afternoon. A doctor who requires him to fast six hours prior.

I generously offered to simply eat in front of him, reminscent of those times when I used to sloooooowly consume my ice cream so my brothers could covet mine after they gobbled theirs in one tongue swoop.

He rescheduled his appointment. What a killjoy.

Tomorrow, Grandma is coming to watch the kids while we fly out to Carmel-by-the-Sea. A land of sand, sea and story-book cottages.

And rain. Non-stop rain that is the forecast.

Welcome to my paradise….

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