Happy Mother’s Day!

I have a fantastic mom and a wonderful mother-in-law, had great grandmothers, and many friends who perfectly emulate what it means to be a model mom. I’ve also been blessed with a loving husband and two fantastic kids.

Basically, I can’t go wrong on Mother’s Day.

I was treated to breakfast in bed, some great homemade gifts from the kiddos, a steak dinner, beautiful hanging baskets for the porch, delicious pie at church and the promise of a romantic evening without kids on Saturday (thanks to Aunt Lisa for hosting their sleepover!)

I, in turn, made Jamie promise in addition to giving me the hanging baskets he will also take care of them. I am pretty much good-for-nothing as it pertains to gardening besides just enjoying the view.

Of the baskets. And his backside.

Two of my favorite quotes of the day:

Bode is my sweet, thoughtful kid and he brought me in a number of LEGO creations he made just for me. I marveled at my collection of Mother’s Day gifts and said, “You guys are so nice to me.”

His response: “Are you going to give us something?”

Yeah. How about the last eight years of my life?

Speaking of giving, Jamie gave me his undivided attention until he visited his pumpkins at 7 p.m., upon which he raced back into the house and queried, “Quick. Do you have a pair of old nylons you’re not using?”

My only possible explanation: cross-dressing pumpkins.

‘Twas a Mother’s Day to remember.

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