Hunky Hubbyisms

After Jamie got Bode ready for bed the other night, I noticed that the tag to his PJs was on the front.

“Jamie, you put his PJs on backwards.”

“They’re not backwards. I just think out-of-the-box while you think in.”


Haddie has an obsession with fruit leather and loves toting it around the house as she gnaws away. One day, Jamie came up to me and commented, “Look what I just found stuck to my butt,” and he showed me the fruit leather.

“Ohhh, that is sooo gross!”

He nodded in affirmation. And then proceeded to peel it off and shove it into his mouth.

I’m still curious to know what flavor it was….


Whilst getting ready for dinner guests, I was furiously clanging around in the kitchen in my attempts to get everything done. Jamie leisurely sauntered into the kitchen.
“Hey, do you need any help?”
“Yes, most definitely! What would you like to do?”
[pause] “Just because someone makes a gesture to help doesn’t mean you actually take them up on it.”
“Oh. My mistake.”

He then proceeded to sit down and watch the Broncos.

A few minutes later:
“Hey Amber. Is there anything I can do to help?”
“I’m not answering that.”
“Well, don’t say I never offer.”

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