I think I can I think I can I think I can

Life has been busy. I mean, really busy. For months I’ve felt at a crossroads and unsure what to do with my abundance of time so I hiked and played a lot. I’m glad I did because work projects are now in overdrive.

With Jamie’s help, I relaunched Mile High Mamas and our newsletter (I think they look beautiful!), have been slammed with advertising queries, writing campaign proposals, planning events and I just learned that Snowmamas is finally kicking off, which will exponentially increase my workload.

Oh, and on my busiest week maybe ever when I have been emotionally and financially stressed to the max, my computer D-I-E-D. That was an hour after we realized our back-up drive was full so who knows how many files have been lost.

So please be patient if posting here is sporadic the next couple of months as I get everything up-and-running. I desperately need to hire someone but in order to hire someone I need to be making money and that is what all these proposals and campaigns are all about. I’m not complaining and am so grateful people see the value in what I’ve been trying to build for years. I’m  just overwhelmed and waaaay out of my comfort zone because I’ve focused on editorial and social media for years and not marketing/advertising.

You want quotes on guaranteed impressions, CPMs, ROS, Content Integration and Pre-Roll? Well I need you to tell me what the crap all this means?

Thank heaven for Jamie because he’s been doing this stuff for years and has been walking me through my valley of death. At one point (after waking up from anxiety at 4:15 a.m. for the second week in a row), I asked him “Is this what it’s like to be you: all work and no play?”  “Yup,” he stoically replied.

He added “I think it’s my turn to take a “Princess Year.

Believe me, my wonderful over-worked and infinitely patient husband has earned it.

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