It’s my party and I’ll blog if I want to!

October marks my official 4-year anniversary in the blogosphere. On a whim, I started my personal blog Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck on MSN Spaces in October 2005. None of my friends of family understood what it was.

“A blob? Why would you want to start a blob?”

Or “don’t you think it’s a bit narcissistic to think people will want to read about your life?”

From Day 1, I obsessed over what should I write. I carried a notebook with me as everything (and everyone) in my life became blog fodder.

And then I got my first comment. From a stranger. I was initially confused. Why would this fellow blogger care about my little corner of the world? Slowly, I got it. This corner was part of a growing community of fellow freaks who shared their intimate details online.

And then I became hooked.

The following year, I switched over to this more personalized site at Blogger and a true “mommy blogger” was born. You have been my little community of mamas. You have come to my blog, I have come to years. It has been legalized stalking and vicarious living at its best. We *get* each other. There is no sugar-coating motherhood like I had endured at countless playdates.

But then the blogosphere evolved


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