It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

My very most memorable Christmas wasn’t even Christmas as I spent the evening in Shepherd’s Field outside of Bethlehem.

However, spending time with our LDS ward family at the Christmas party is always a highlight of the holiday season.

Sure, the Shepherd looked ticked.

Note: He was pretending he was looking up at the herald angels in awe. The kid may need acting lessons.

The girl who aspired to be Mary (remember that little debate?) was assigned to be the star, which she forsook when she learned there were animals was not very pleased about her “cheesy” sheep costume.

Baaaaaaaad. Sorry, bad pun.

Sure, our rehearsals were a disaster (but they pulled it off) and the manger was made of a hula skirt.

And that heathen Santa made an appearance.

But somehow I think baby Jesus would have loved our ward Christmas party as much as I did.

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