Jesus Junior and a Mommy Blogger Boycott

This holiday has been an anomaly for us. I can’t remember the last time Jamie took the week off work and we actually stayed home. It was probably back when we were pregnant with Haddie and living with Jamie’s parents while our house was being built.

Over Christmas, they went to Utah for a week. Relishing in our solitude, we dragged the futon upstairs and proceeded to watch back-to-back episodes of The Lord of the Rings (a series I had hitherto despised). We viewed about 20 hours of it, including allll the supplementary materials.

We sure knew how to party.

And still do, evidently. After all the Christmas parties were over, the presents opened and the food devoured, we painted. Oh, lo did we paint.

Our bedroom is mostly finished and completely devoid of any toys or messes. Now, all we have to do is clean up the hall.

My Husband: Jesus Junior

The days leading up to Christmas were so chaotic that by Christmas Eve, we were positively wiped. When I queried Jamie about our plan for the next day, he said he wanted to just lie around.

I poked fun at him, asking if that is what Jesus would do. Jamie’s response? “That’s all Jesus did do on that first Christmas: sleep and eat. We should all follow his fine example.”

And evidently Jamie’s as well.

Girl’s Night In

I boycotted Girl’s Night In with Jamie’s mom and sisters. I would have been in great company but my reasoning was three-fold:

1) I wasn’t feeling well.

2) Their choice of entertainment. They planned to watch TLC’s marathon of What Not to Wear. I liken viewing any such show to the very worst form of Chinese torture, only it is executed by stylish gay men or self-righteous women.

3) I was vehemently compelled to boycott on behalf of people everywhere who choose What Not to Wear every day of their life. Anyone with me on this? Stand tall, be proud! Someday, sweatpants will rule the world!

Join me next time on the slippery slope of of, well, the slopes and the joys of family photos.

P.S. How was YOUR Christmas?

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