OK, so maybe those weren’t exactly the words (but can you name that classic Olivia Newton-John tune?)

I am not politically active. And really, how could I be? I moved away from Canada when I was 18 and have lived in an alien land ever since. The most political I’ve ever been was when watching that one show that was named after me.

You know. Politically Incorrect.

So, when I was invited by Mr. Lady (she who is half-man, half-woman and half-Canuck, half-American) to the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash for the DNC, I had absolutely no intentions of waxing political. In fact, I probably would not have watched Obama’s speech had I not been herded in there with everyone else. The reactions were across the board–from those inspired souls who were weeping, to the Republican poli blogger who was making catcalls to Obama’s promises that included, “Yeah, and you’ll give every little girl a pony, right?”

But no matter what end of the spectrum you were on, there was a common energy and kinship that radiated. Why? Because whether Democratic, Republican or Alien, we were all blogging geeks who, for a few hours, felt cool.

As I was signing in, four beautifully dressed and giggling women came up behind me. My first thought was, “These have got to be moms who are out of the town together for the first time without kids.” I was right. And Amy of Crunchy Domestic Goddess, Heather of A Mama’s Blog, Julie of Chez Artz and Melissa of Nature Deva were every bit as delightful in person as they are on their blogs.

More lovelies were added to the list before long: Aimee of Greeblemonkey, Julie of Mothergoosemouse, Amy of Inherent Passion, Suzanne of Crunchy Green Mom, Laura of LaLa Girl, not to mention Marge in Real Life. Really.

(Julie, me, Melissa (front), Laura, Suzanne, Amy and Heather)

Lijit was one of the sponsors and their lovely televangelist evangelist Tara Anderson was there to take my hand (no, it wasn’t that kind of party) and guide me through the ins and outs of this Boulder-based company. Lijit allows bloggers to create their own own search engines that can be based just upon their blog or across multiple social networking services.

I now heart Lijit because 1) This means I no longer have to feel self-absorbed by Googling myself to reference past stories and 2) You, my dear friends, can type in something like “pumpkins” in my site’s little Lijit Search Wijit and find out just how deep my husband’s obsession runs. In one sitting.

Another highlight was meeting ‘Twas Brillig. If she was a man and named Jamie Johnson, I would totally be all over her. If it was that kind of party. Which it definitely wasn’t. Seriously though, this gal is hilarious, just moved from Utah, speaks about 90 different languages and described me as sparkling. How could I not be in girl love (of the innocent variety).

We left the party with her two friends and strolled 16th Street Mall taking in all the revelries. Bands were playing in the streets, Obama action figures were everywhere and Denver came alive as it shone in the national limelight.

So, whether or not you are a believer, I was so glad that for a few short hours this week, I was a taker.

Are you political? What do you think of McCain’s choice in VP? Are you swept away by Obama-rama? What are your views of this political season?

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