Let’s Go To The Movies

The movie Inkheart has been hitting the blogosphere. I swear, that movie is everywhere and won’t even be in theatres until January 23rd. Illiterate soul that I am, I had never even heard of the best-selling trilogy until I went to see Twilight for the second time with my niece over Christmas.

OK, maybe I am not that illiterate because I am reading the Twilight series for the second time.

Though I have somehow lost book four, which makes me not only quasi-illiterate but confirms I am disorganized.

Anyhew, there was a trailer for Inkheart at Twilight. And my 13-year-old niece FREAKED because she is a huuuuuge fan of the books. I freaked, too because 1) Brendan Fraser is cuuuuuuuuute and 2) He is Canadian.

Nevermind that this family-friendly adventure looks to be the next hit.

While we’re on the topic of movies, Jamie and I are going this weekend. On an actual date. Without children. And we’re a bit lost. There have been several great movies that have been released within the last few months so I am loooking for your recommendation: if it was the end of the world and you could only go to one movie, what would it be?

Because make no mistake: when we go to the movies without kids, the end of the world must assuredly be coming.

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