Life Lessons from my Mountain Bike

The last few weeks have been incredibly stressful [not] selling our house with delays on the permit to build our new one (while feeling frustratingly in limbo), my Mom’s rapidly declining health, financial worries, graduation parties (for dear friends’ kids Jordan, Aidan, Erin and Whitney), Hadley’s Sixth Grade Continuation, her YW New Beginnings and birthday bash, a going-away party, helping at a wedding reception and so much more.

Yesterday, I just needed to get away so I grabbed my bike and, despite foreboding skies, headed up to Boulder. When I arrived at my trailhead, I thought I was going to blow a gasket when I saw the parking area now requires a $5 fee. Welcome to Boulder: the land of incredible vistas, pot-smokers, liberals and where you pay to play. I debated turning around right then but reminded myself YOU NEED THIS so sucked it up.

During that 1.5-hour ride along the Dowdy Draw Trail and Community Ditch network, my mind and attitude started to shift.

Life Lessons on My Ride

1) It’s OK to dismount and hike the technical sections, even when there are others around you who are smoothly navigating them.

2) When the rain comes, it doesn’t always pour so hold off on seeking shelter. Sometimes patience is the answer. This, too shall pass.

3) A difference in perspective makes all the difference. As does reading this inspiring/sobering story  Please Let Me Have Him One More Day in the parking lot after my ride.

 In desperation, I said a silent prayer. I pled with my Father in Heaven to help me feel comfort and find peace. Then, right at that moment everything in my mind went quiet. The chaos in my head subsided as I clearly heard the reminder that the Lord has blessed us with everything in our lives… EVERYTHING, including those special chubby-cheeked linebacker sized babies! All that he asks in return is that we be willing to sacrifice whatever he may ask of us. Are we willing to sacrifice to follow His will for us?… I felt as if the Savior was sitting right beside me. Not as a friend and colleague, but as a much wiser and older brother who knows much more than I. He was offering to help me through this. He was not going to force me to believe and become One with His plan, but instead he was offering it to me. Offering me the choice to join in his embrace and completely turn my life over to him, including whatever obstacles I might face … or I could try to do it on my own.

4) The light will come. As I slowly climbed up the Greenbelt Plateau back to my car, the clouds parted and I was rewarded with green velvet, a profusion of wildflowers and sunshine gold.

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