Little Bit of This

We ran into Jamie’s work buddy who comped us some tickets for the Holiday Food & Gift Festival next door. We were tired, the car meter was running out and it was snowing.

Me: “Let’s just go check it out.”

Jamie: “Why?”

Me: “Because there are hundreds of samples there. It’s like Costco on Steroids.”


We came home with oodles of goodies but the best one this pumpkin lover bought? White chocolate pumpkin popcorn for my stocking.

Because sometimes Santa needs a bit of help.


I am hereby going to call last week “The Week of the One-Liners.”


As Haddie and I were crossing the street, I told her to hold my hand.


“Why do we hold hands when crossing the street, Mommy?

Me: “So when we get hit we can go down together.”


Hadley has recently fallen in love with bacon. So deep is her love that I think I’ll have to introduce her to the artery-clogging, holier-than-holy bacon taco my sister-in-law made last Christmas.

Much to Haddie’s chagrin, we rarely have bacon but I made baked potato soup and cooked up a batch last week.

Haddie: “Can we pulllease have bacon every day?”
Me: “No, it’s not healthy. We can only have it sometimes.”
Haddie (talking to the bacon): “Bacon, I’ll never forget you.”

She’s too young for me to break the news that neither will her thighs in a few years.

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