Lord of the Gourds

It’s been quite the week here at Casa Canuck. I have been suffering from allergies and battling off a sinus infection for quite some time. I finally succumbed on Friday. Remember all of you who said you’d like to spend your Mental Health Day in bed reading a book? That is exactly what I proceeded to do for the next few days as I starting rereading that crack-cocaine Twilight series. So, it was Edward, me and more snot that should ever be humanly possible.

He’s just lucky to be a vampire.

And in love with that hussy Bella.

I am slowly on the mend but as my world turns, Bode has developed the sniffles. I am just waiting for Hadley and Jamie to succumb as well.

Evidently, my personality is not the only thing that is infectious.

In other news, Jamie’s pumpkin’s growth is slooooowing down. Of course, the orange beast is more than 600 lbs so don’t feel too badly for him. The glorious 70-degree temperatures have been wreaking havoc on its 30-lbs-a-day growth. His mistress allegedly grows best in lower 90s, one of the many things she and I disagree about.

Even though the growth is slowing down, Jamie’s obsession is not. A couple of weeks ago, we received a new video from PBS “Lord of the Gourds” (yes, you read correctly). And then, a few days later, the “best-selling” book How to Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins arrived on our doorstep.

I was shocked to discover the book is in its third edition. Which means more than two people read the previous editions.

In the book, there are some pretty funny pictures of those involved in the pumpkin craze. But none was more disturbing than the guy whose license plate read “PUMPKIN.”

“Jamie, please tell me you’re not going to get a personalized license plate that says that.”

“No, that would be ridiculous.”

“Whew! At least you are somewhat reasonable.”

“I just plan to paint my new car orange.”

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