“Meet the Parents” Incarnate

So, it’s been pretty crazy ’round these parts with the folks in town. Saturday afforded me my first morning off I’ve had in a long time while Jamie took my parents and Haddie on an adventure. Well, if you’d consider “off” to mean hauling a screaming newborn out on a walk and then passing the rest of the morning screaming at pharmacists who lose and then chose to not fill prescriptions. All this while I could have been out playing in the mountains.

Truth be told, I actually chose to stay behind while Jamie drove them to the summit of Mount Evans. At 14,000-feet, it’s the highest road in America with some of the most stellar views of the Rocky Mountains. But if you’ve ever hiked around at that elevation, altitude sickness abounds. Call me crazy but I’ve invested too much in Bode the past 10 months of my life to have his head explode at the top of the mountain. Just call me a good mommy.

Jamie, on the other hand, ain’t exactly in the running for The Son-in-Law of the Year Award. When showing me a picture he took of my parents at the summit with a mountain goat in the background, Jamie commented, “Don’t you think this is a great shot of three old goats?”

But my folks have been definitely dishing it out from the beginning. If you knew my crazy family, you would know why I was a little more than nervous when I first brought Jamie home for our own version of Meet the Parents. My mother, in particular, was given specific instructions to, well, behave (i.e. not be herself). It took only one day for her to break down and announce that she was no longer going to be on her best behavior. It was good while it lasted.

So Jamie shouldn’t have been surprised when he called my parents to ask for permission to marry me and my mom interjected his touching declaration of love by shrilling announcing, “Oh, you can have her.”

Suffice it to say, those Fockers don’t have nothin’ on myfamily….

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