Mommy blogger attacked by carcass; husband mourns paint job

I’ll admit it: I’m Halloween obsessed. Ever since Halloween decorations started gracing the aisles at my favorite stores in August, I have been chomping at the bit to decorate our house. Some people think the best shopping day of the year is the day after Thanksgiving. Not so. For me, it is on November 1st when all the Halloween decorations are half-price. Rifling through last year’s purchases I had long forgotten was like Christmas…OK, better than Christmas.

On Saturday, we decorated the house. Or rather, Hadley and I gleefully decorated while Jamie pretended not to know us and Bode cried from the trauma of Marcus the Carcass and this year’s edition: haunted eyeballs.

The kid just needs to learn to suck it up.

The biggest obstacle was finding the actual decorations. We are finishing our basement so nothing is in its regular place.

Not that this is unusual. But it’s nice to at least have an excuse.

We found our huge box of decorations at the back of the crawl space. My loving husband (who would never complain over such an undertaking) crawled in and slowly inched the behemoth box to the door.

The problem was not getting it out of the small opening and over the ledge. The problem was that I have not been to boot camp for a couple of months and I was responsible for easing the 100-pound box to the ground by myself.

Rest assured, there was no easing whatsoever.

Instead, there was a whole lot of shouting as Marcus came smashing down on me.

And my loving husband’s reaction? Did he come to my rescue by snatching Marcus off of me?

No. He instead lamented that I had scraped up the newly-painted ledge while I lay recovering in a heap.

Death by carcass. Kind of ironic, don’t you think?

After that little incident, Pumpkin Man had better watch his back…and his orange monstrosity.

Now, if I could only lift the darn thing….

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