Our new (not-so exciting) addition

Our big news last week was we got new carpet.

This was a loooooong overdue purchase. We built our home 12 years ago (as of April 15) and almost from the get-go we regretted the carpet choice we made. Even though we’d done an upgrade, it wasn’t nearly high enough quality…but we delayed replacing it due to finances and children. You know, those rugrats who stain and track the neighborhood all over it.

The carpet took two days to install. It was bad enough for me to unpack our china cabinet and move everything out of the way but those poor workers. If we hadn’t spent a fortunate buying it, I would have given them a big, fat tip because that is one thankless job. Jamie, Fat Kitty and I lived and worked from the basement for those two days, prisoners in our own home. Fat Kitty can’t stand change and I thought he was going to have a heart attack from all the noise. He was particularly hilarious the first time he walked on it…slowly picking up his feet like they were glued. Live it up, Fat Kitty. This is what carpet is supposed to feel like!

The plus side: the kids watched the life-altering Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure for the first time during our basement exile.

The downside: we spent the equivalent of a trip to Hawaii on the carpet and this is all we get for views.

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