Olympic questions answered and YOUR Olympic questions needed!

I’ve had so many emails asking about my trip to the Olympics next week that I haven’t been able to keep up with all the requests.

Don’t worry, Mom. I will eventually call you back.

So without further ado….

Q: How long will you be at the Olympics?

A: I will be there for 10 days. I leave on February 11 and return on the 20 (my birthday!) It could be my best birthday ever.

Of course, I got lice on my birthday last year. It doesn’t get much worse than that.

Q: Where will you be blogging?

A: I will be blogging from right here! Be sure to subscribe to my feed or enter your email in the right-hand sidebar to get my posts delivered to your inbox. I promise to make them a fun behind-the-scenes glimpse at the Olympics. I will be publishing at least one post a day, sometimes more.

Also, follow my play-by-play updates on Twitter. I recently had someone make the following comment: “Amber, reading your travel tweets is like watching a Chevy Chase Vacation movie.”

I totally took it as a compliment.

Q: What was your husband Jamie’s reaction when you won?

A: We were both really excited. However after the initial rejoicing, he stopped and said, “Wait. You’re leaving me alone for 10 days with the kids? Why do I feel like I just lost The Biggest Loser?

Q: What are you going to do with the kids?

A: We are flying Jamie’s mom out from Utah to help for seven days. There is, however, a complication. Jamie’s sister Tammy live in Salt Lake City and is due with twin girls a mere two weeks after. We have been anxiously waiting for these little angels to arrive for seven years.

But Jamie and I have now banned them from coming early.

Q: How long have you known you were the winner?

A: I received the call just a few days before Christmas. I then had to sign numerous notarized documents avowing I wouldn’t say a word until the official announcement. It was tough for a blabbermouth like me to keep the secret, especially when I had so many supportive friends asking me for updates.

Q: Why did the official announcement take so long?

A: Microsoft Office had originally hoped to fly us out to the Today show to make the announcement. But Haiti happened that same week so we got bumped. The official press release is here and this one is a feature story they wrote about the two winners.

Q: What will you be doing there?

A: Good question! I am still waiting for my official itinerary, which I will be sure to post here. What I do know: I will be one of the first to try out the new USOC press site and will work alongside Team USA to blog about the U.S. Team using top-of-the-line technology including:

§ Acer Aspire 4810 laptop

§ Microsoft Office 2010 Professional beta

§ Microsoft phone (HTC HD2)

Even though I’ve known about it for more than a month, I am still pinching myself for this dream come true!


And now I’m turning the tables to YOU! I will be interviewing so many inspiring athletes at the Games. What questions would you ask (they can be as basic or creative as you want). Who would you like to meet?

Tomorrow is my first interview: I am talking to Olympic speed skating legend (FIVE GOLD MEDALS) and mom Bonnie Blair. Please send any questions my way. I will post the interview on Monday.

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