On the road to recovery

Let’s face it: We all need a bit of humor after the week we’ve had (did I mention I’ve also been sick?) Most importantly, Jamie is HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL and is doing well.

Of course, that didn’t stop me from hovering over him like an aircraft while he slept last night to ensure he was still breathing.

C’mon fess up: you’ve done that when your babies were sick, right?

On Monday, I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of it all but today, I just need a laugh. I’ve had a couple of great emails forwarded that I’d like to share.

The first one about “Kelpto Cat” caught stealing over 600 items on video camera is from my mother-in-law.

Neighbors beware: I’m putting Fat Kitty to work.

And this one is from my neighbor Angella. Of course, no irreverence is intended but it’s a perfect fit because it deals with a blond Canadian.

Too bad she isn’t a Pollack, too.

Blonds Explaining Easter

Three blondes died and found themselves standing before St. Peter. He told them that before they could enter the Kingdom of Heaven, they had to tell him what Easter represented.

The first blonde, an American, said “Easter is a holiday where they have a big feast and we give thanks and eat turkey.”

St. Peter said, “Noooooo,” and wouldn’t let her in.

The second blonde, a Brit, said “Easter is when we celebrate Jesus’s birth and exchange gifts.”

St. Peter said, “Noooooo,” and he wouldn’t let her in either.

The third blonde, a Canadian, said she knew what Easter was, and St.Peter said, “So, tell me.”

She said, “Easter is a Christian holiday that coincides with the Jewish festival of Passover. Jesus was having Passover feast with his disciples when he was betrayed by Judas, and the Romans arrested him. The Romans hung him on the cross and eventually he died. Then they buried him in a tomb behind a very large boulder … “

St. Peter said, “Verrrrrry good.”

Then the blonde continued, “Now, every year the Jews roll away the boulder and Jesus comes out. If he sees his shadow, we have six more weeks of hockey.”

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