Our Summer Pool Party Tradition

Every summer since the kids were little, I have enrolled them in two weeks of swim lessons. About six years ago as I sat bored out of my mind watching other moms having a great time with their friends, an idea was borne: invite members of our ward to participate.

So the following summer, I sent an email to a bunch of ladies with kids of similar ages and I was pleased to get a great response. And every year, participation has exponentially increased and has become a beloved tradition. Following swim lessons, we also stay after for public swim where even more friends come join the fun.

This year, Bode was a “Shark” with his buddies Carson and Noah.

There were probably about 12 moms with over 30 kiddos in swim lessons for a veritable pool party every day. Here we are celebrating Averi’s birthday!

Yes, I am expecting kick-backs from the community pool and hope the tradition continues long after I’m gone.

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