Over 40 and Fabulous

“Over 40 and Fabulous” was the title of a club that was started by a workout maven I used to follow. I admittedly scoffed at the name of the club.

But now I get it because I am 40 and my birthday was, indeed fabulous!

It started with breakfast in bed (thanks, Jamie) and then a surprise TP job and sign on our front lawn.

Good thing I wasn’t bashful about my birthday.

And do you see these cuties?
They got me a phone for my new office (more on that ordeal later), some mango body wash (my favorite) and then they did an elaborate scavenger hunt where I ultimately found my big gift: an iPad 3.

In case you’re wondering if we have the inside scoop on this not-yet-released item, I assure you it was just a rain check.

My happy place is skating Evergreen Lake (about 30 minutes from Denver in the mountains) so I resolved that is where I wanted to spend my 40th birthday. We ordered a bunch of pizzas from Beau Jo’s(best in Colorado), a cake from Costco (Over-the-Hill, of course) and invited my besties to come play.

(Tina, Me and Lisa)

In case you’re wondering why I’m holding up a random plate, let me assure you I am also wielding a knife in my right hand.
Don’t you feel so much better now?

I have to give my friends credit. None of them were skaters but they were great sports out there.

By “great sports,” I am referring to their attitude, not their skating competence.

(This, from the woman who biffed it on the boardwalk whilst carrying Bode’s sled.)

The kids had a blast skating, climbing on a makeshift snow slide and being hauled around the ice.

I felt so darn grateful for the many friends who showed up to make this one of my very favorite birthdays ever. I knew skating wasn’t on their list of favorite activities, which made it even more special. At the end of our outing, I told Jamie I had so much fun I wanted to do it EVERY year for my birthday.

Which basically means I’ll be friendless by Birthday 2013.


My parting thoughts to Jamie that evening before bedtime.

Me: “Tell me I don’t look a day over 40.”
Him: “But you’re not even one day over 40.”
Me: “And don’t you forget it.”

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