Papa Canuck Gets into the Action

Wow, this Jeek-bashing is turning into a family affair (oh, BTW, I hope you’re having a good birthday, Jeek).

My dad just e-mailed me this story I’d never heard about. In Papa Canuck’s own words:

“Amber,Here is another classic Jade story that has been told and retold many times!!All our 3 children were volleyball players, and since all 3 were “setters” a favorite pastime was the annoying habit of practicing their setting skills by endlessly bouncing a volleyball off the walls inside our house. Well this one time Jade was bouncing the ball off the walls inside the bathroom.

We finally noticed that things went quiet in the bathroom. No more noise of a ball being bounced endlessly off the bathroom walls. And after the longest time, Jade finally emerged from the bathroom. Well, to our suprise we found that Jade had broken the bathroom mirror and that he had taped the mirror so that no one could tell that it was broken. The strange thing about his taping job was that he used BLACK HOCKEY TAPE.”

Subtle, Jeek. Very subtle.

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