Parenting Perils and Perks

Though busy, busy, busy, we’re having a batch of really good days around here with even better attitudes from the kids.

Believe me, we’ve had enough bad ones to recognize a ray of sunshine when it happens.

However as all parents will attest, parenting is just exhausting. Though I can keep up with my kids on the best of days, sometimes I just need a break, some alone time and you know what? They’re always there, clamoring for my attention and pulling me in so many different ways.

Then I remind myself these are the precious years and I wouldn’t have it any other way because pretty soon, they’ll be ignoring me.

However, on one of my fragmented nights after we put the kids to bed, I started to confess to Jamie: “Here’s the hard thing about parenting….” and before I could continue, he responded.

“The kids.”

That pretty much sums it up.


When Bode says his nighttime prayers, he often rattles off a long list of items and body parts for which he is grateful. Following a recent prayer, I asked: “Bode, did you just thank Heavenly Father for TVs?”

“Yes,” he confirmed. “In the olden days they didn’t have them.”

Can’t argue with his logic…or gratitude.

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