Postcards from the Edge

To my dearest, beloved children,

You know how much Mommy loves you. After all, you hear me remind myself of that over and over again during those rough times. And you know I have been sick the past few days. So sick that if I was a dog, they would have shot me to put me out of my misery. That Old Yeller didn’t know how good he had it.

Hadley–I know you’re two but this does not mean you are allowed to have an opinion on things and throw a tantrum every time you don’t get your way. This includes if I am sitting in a position that offends you. Or when you hide your Croc, the only existing shoe that fits since you mysteriously grew two sizes in a month. The good news is your Croc is stashed somewhere in the house. Unfortunately, that is also the bad news.

Oh, and throwing your full-length princess mirror down the stairs is not a way to handle your angst towards the world. Unless, of course, you’re having a bad hair day, which you were not. I should know. I have to hogtie you down every morning in an attempt to do your hair.

Bode–I had such hope for you. I still do. Overall, you’re a sweet little guy and your smile lights up the room. I am admittedly a bit nervous over the sheer delight and cooing you only do when I change your diaper and you’re able to show your wares to the world. Maybe it’s a guy thing.

And I fully acknowledge how wonderful it is that you’re sleeping a five-hour block from 10 p.m.-3 a.m. Your sister didn’t do that until just last week. Oh wait. She’s been waking up all night long lately. But Bode, I really wish you’d go back down at 3 a.m. We don’t need two Hurricanes in the family. Forget love; All We Need is Sleep in this family.

No, children. Don’t worry about me. I am not having a nervous breakdown. Yet. Though if I did, would I get at least a few days of solace at the mental hospital?


Mommy Dearest

P.S. Is there a reason that was a horror flick?
P.P.S. Hunky Hubby’s blog today confirms it all….

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